Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive

Kita juga dapat lhoo mengetahui foto-foto alam jagad raya yang terjadi setiap harinya, sehingga menghasilkan gambar yang berbeda atau foto alam semesta kita yang sangat menarik, bersamaan dengan penjelasan singkat ditulis oleh seorang astronom profesional. Selalu update dengan peristiwa menakjubkan di alam jagad raya ini. Subhanallah sekali yaa peristiwa di alam ini… ini contohnya:

Peristiwa yang terjadi pada hari ini 27 Maret 2013


A Horizon Rainbow in Paris
Image Credit & Copyright: Bertrand Kulik

Why is this horizon so colorful? Because, opposite the Sun, it is raining. What is pictured above is actually just a common rainbow. It’s uncommon appearance is caused by the Sun being unusually high in the sky during the rainbow’s creation. Since every rainbow’s center must be exactly opposite the Sun, a high Sun reflecting off of a distant rain will produce a low rainbow where only the very top is visible — because the rest of the rainbow is below the horizon. Furthermore, no two observers can see exactly the same rainbow — every person finds themselves exactly between the Sun and rainbow’s center, and every observer sees the colorful circular band precisely 42 degrees from rainbow’s center. The above image featuring the Eiffel Tower was taken in Paris, France last week. Although the intermittent thunderstorms lasted for much of the day, the horizon rainbow lasted for only a few minutes.

Peristiwa tanggal 26 Maret 2013


Waterfalls, Auroras, Comet: Iceland
Image Credit & Copyright: Stephane Vetter (Nuits sacrees)

Explanation: If not distracted by the picturesque landscape, waterfalls, stars, and auroras, you might be able to find Comet PANSTARRS. The above image, capturing multiple terrestrial and celestial wonders in a single shot, was taken last week in southwest Iceland. The popular Gullfoss waterfalls are pictured under brilliant auroras that followed a M1-class solar flare and powerful Coronal Mass Ejection two days earlier. Give up on locating the comet? Comet PANSTARRS is faintly visible as a light blip just above the horizon toward the left of the above image. The comet remains more directly visible to northern observers with binoculars looking toward the western sky just after sunset.

untuk peristiwa lainnya yang terjadi dari tanggal berapapun yang anda cari coba deh klik disini tinggal pilih tanggal yang anda inginkan untuk dapat melihat peristiwa alam yang terjadi i.. selamat menikmati alam dan selamat belajar tentang angkasa  semoga bermanfaat yaaaaa…. :D

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